Apple iTV, dosen’t really exist for the moment but its something Steve Jobs hinted about in Walter Isaacson Bio. The iTV is rumored to have the Siri feature integrated which means you can control your TV without the need of a remote.

The first mockup for the Apple iTV comes from the artist Guilherme M. Schasiepen on Flickr and he hasn’t forget to included these features below :

  • Siri Control
  • iCloud
  • AirPlay
  • HD Factime
  • 3D with no-glasses
  • Full HD
  • iTV Apps
  • Multi-Touch Screen

Check out the future Apple iTv :

I really want this so freaking bad. Don’t you ?

So what do you guys think? will this mockup be the future Apple TV ?

Interesting stuff ha?. Hm, so thats the Apple iTV mockup, You can please add me on Google + also Subscribe to our RSS feed , Follow us on Twitter and become a fan on our Facebook page, we will keep you updated with posts over the web.