Can you remember the iPhone 4 death grip drama?. Well if you don’t know, when the GSM iPhone 4 was released last year users began complaining, when the handset was held with the left hand firmly, cell reception dropped significantly resulting complete signal loss which was then labeled as the “Death Grip”. So with the release of iPhone 4s you may be wondering whether the iPhone 4s too has the Death grip or in other words the antenna-gate issue.


Speaking of last year, Apple tried their best to fix the issue with an OS update, though it fixed the issue some what but not completely. Apple then decided to give out free bumper cases which then prevented the issue completely.

iPhone 4s Death Grip ?

With the release of the new iPhone 4s one thing which struck my mind was the redesigned antena. According to Apple it intelligently switches between its two antennas, providing improved call quality and faster data speeds and the below video will definitely clear your doubts, it looks like the new antenna in the iPhone 4S also resolves the death grip issue.

Death Grip Test On The iPhone 4s :


As you can see in the video demonstration above no death grip what so ever on the iPhone 4s.

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