Speed Test Between iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 & HTC One (M8) [VIDEO]

Well, we know benchmark results already pointed iPhone 6 as the real deal but lets put them all in to perspective and see who winner is. A speed test on App launching carried out by PhoneBuff shows iPhone 6 way ahead than its competitors Samsung Galaxy S5

‘Age of Empires: World Domination’ Will Hit the iOS App Store this Summer

Well, you heard it right folks. KLab development studio along with Microsoft will bring its one of the most popular games, Age of Empires to iOS devices. According to KLab the official title is going to be ‘Ages of Empires: World Domination’ and will come to iPhone and

Unlock AT&T iPhone At Lower Price [Fast Service]

Working Unlock for AT&T iPhone [Price Drop for Customers] A lot of users have noticed the unlock AT&T iPhone price increase last October. The U.S. carrier changed its unlocking policy making the process more expensive. The problems were experienced by a lot of customers. People were frustrated

Permanent iPhone Unlock with Lifetime Membership, at a Price

New Service for Official iPhone Unlock with Lifetime Guarantee It seems that it was yesterday when iPhone users had to wait for the jailbreak in order to unlock their Apple smartphone. The situation repeated each time the Cupertino-based company released its next iOS update. A company called

How to Check AT&T iPhone Contract Expiration Date

The cheap AT&T iPhone network checker shows the end date of your contract with this popular U.S. carrier necessary for free iPhone unlock. Free iPhone AT&T Contract End Date Checker [User Instruction] There are a lot of fast methods on how to figure out when AT&T iPhone

F1 2013 Game For Mac OS X Released [Download Link]

Its been sometime that a new F1 game was launched to the Mac Store, to be precise its back in 2012 (F1 2012). Feral Interactive has now released F1 2013 for Mac OS X. Though the release is a bit late considering the fact that the corresponding

Get infinite scrolling to the Home screen and folders in iOS 7

We came across this jailbreak Tweak, Mobius, that will allow you to scroll infinitely on the home screen as well as within folders. The developer Tyler Casson has made this awesome tweak available free of charge on the repo that he personally own. If  you’d like to

World Of Cheese – A Must Have Game For iOS & Android

After the highly successful game, Save the Snail, Studio Alda has decided yet again to release their next mobile game, World Of Cheese. It is a puzzle adventure designed for tablets and smartphones powered by iOS and Android. World of Cheese is a game where the player takes the

Replace iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Displays From Apple Stores

Apple is gearing up to offer in-store display replacement and other hardware repairs for both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, reports 9to5Mac. The sources say that Apple will be providing its stores with special machinery to replace the touchscreens on both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. These machines will

Requests Of Information By Government on Apple Devices

Apple issued a report to the public on the requests, the company received from governments around the world, about the device and user information. This report is labeled ‘Report on Government Information Requests.’ Apple said its one of their responsibilities to make sure the privacy protection of

Download iTunes 11.1.3 With Bug Fixes And Performance Improvements

Apple has released an updated version of  iTunes, labeled 11.1.3. This only brings some improvements and fixes to few bugs the users faced. The issue where the equalizer was not working like expected as well as the problem that appeared when trying to switch views in large

iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5C Review & Comparison [VIDEO]

Reports suggested that the iPhone 5s was outselling the colorful iPhone 5c after the first weekend of sales for Apple’s two new iPhones for the year 2013. The new flagship 5s is more than three times as popular as the less expensive 5c smartphone, according to one